Sand Dune jumping, Serra Cafema Namibia
watching the sunset

"What warms our hearts when we think of Kenya is the sense of rhythm, connection and harmony that coursed through our days...seemingly with no effort. You did all the obvious things with such deftness and flare. The choice of itinerary, the quality of support, the nice details and extra flourishes, the willingness to always go the extra step may come naturally to you, but we all recognize what careful and committed efforts they required." Guest comment

Lowis & Leakey is a dynamic African safari company founded by Ninian Lowis and his wife Lara Leakey. We are based in Kenya, where Lara and Ninian’s families have been involved in exploration and safaris since the late 19th century. Ninian is a professional guide who has over 20 years of experience leading safaris throughout Africa. Lara runs our office and manages the safari logistics as well as the day to day business of the safaris. Both Ninian and Lara delight in sharing their passion for Africa’s people, wildlife and wild places with their guests.

Ninian Lowis
Ninian's love for Africa is contagious and departing guests often remark on his boundless energy and enthusiasm. Read more...


Lara Leakey Lowis
Lara is known for her attention to detail and meticulous planning and she takes great pride in making sure that our safaris run smoothly. . Read more...

THE WONDER from Lowis and Leakey on Vimeo. 

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