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Fish Eagle on the Nile, Murchison Falls
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The blend of Lara and Ninian’s creativity, knowledge and passion has created one of the most unique and exciting safari teams in Africa. We offer custom-designed, privately guided safaris and adventures throughout Africa. The Lowis & Leakey portfolio includes a mobile camping unit and safari crew, as well as favourite small camps, lodges and destinations that we have been visiting for many years; there is also a growing collection of new destinations that we are eager to introduce to our guests.

Have a look at images of our private mobile camp and the lodges we use. For more information look at our FAQ's and links as well as some suggested pre-safari reading.

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Watching a traditional Masai dance below Mt. Kilimanjaro, Amboseli Kenya Ninian shows guests a hand axe. Meerkats, Jacks camp Okovango Delta

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