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Reading in camp, Lake Nakuru Ntional Park
Enjoying sun down, Sand Rivers, Selous Tanzania
Jasmine flowering beside the Mara River
Down in time in our private mobile camp

“Such a wonderful glimpse into a vanishing world. Thank you for so much, your enthusiasm, dedication, and unerring ability to make us all laugh.”
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Reading a book is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in a destination long before you arrive. Giving you a sense of the people, the culture, the history, the adventure and so much more.

From fiction to field guides there are thousands of reading choices to tempt you. We have chosen to partner with Longitude books who have created a travel book store that makes searching for books on Africa simple.

Longitude has all the books we love and they have created reading lists for each Lowis & Leakey safari destination. If you don't have country in mind and feel like being inspired click here.

Country Specific Reading lists:

East Africa


Southern Africa
South Africa

Why Longitude? This geographically arranged bookstore offers expert book and map suggestions, classic tales of exploration, field guides, travel stories, books on art, photography and archaeology, novels, essays and academic books as well as a section of maps and globes.

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