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At its most spectacular in East Africa, the Great Rift Valley was formed some 20 million years ago and comprises a dramatically beautiful land of contrasts from the shores of the Indian Ocean with its white sandy beaches and coral reefs to the snow capped peaks of Mt. Kenya and the wild and vast deserts of the north. In Kenya, one has year-round access to game and there is no other country in Africa where one can see such an immense variety of birds, mammals and landscapes. Kenya is a must for the first time visitor to Africa and we believe it is the finest destination for a family safari. Our favourite itineraries in Kenya combine time in our private mobile tented camp with stays at some of Africa’s best lodges. With its prolific wildlife and remarkable cultural diversity Kenya has been synonymous with safaris for decades.

While we will be sure to include some of the well known areas, such as the Mara, in your itinerary, we will also incorporate trips to some of the more remote, wilder areas that are off the beaten trail. We love northern Kenya with its arid wilderness and animals, including Grevy’s Zebra and Reticulated Giraffe, which are endemic to the area. We highly recommend a stay in our mobile luxury tented camp in a wilderness area like Shaba; walk along the rivers that wind through the parched countryside, listen to the sounds of the night – possibly a lion’s roar - from the comfort of your bed with Africa’s impossibly starry sky above you.

The Rift Valley soda lakes attract myriad birdlife, including vast numbers of pink flamingoes. Lake Nakuru is a little gem with its outstanding bird life and remains one of the best places on earth to see rhinos.

For a total change of pace we visit the Aberdares and Mount Kenya in the central highlands. The Aberdare Mountains rise to over 12,000ft and climbing through montane forest to bamboo and further on to moor lands, which are strangely reminiscent of Scotland, is wildly different from the savannahs to the north. Mount Kenya, Africa’s second highest mountain, is a playground for mountaineers, climbers and hikers, and its trout-filled tarns provide great fishing. If you’re not a hiker you can access the tarns by helicopter or light aircraft.
From bustling modern cities to rural villages where tribal customs have remained the same for thousands of years, Kenya offers an incredibly diverse range of cultural experiences. We can visit the Masai, Samburu, Boran and the Turkana to mention but a few, as well as experiencing first hand the tug between the past and the future.

Kenya, has been established as the “Cradle of Humanity” - as a result of the famous digs of the Leakey family. A visit to Lake Turkana to see the ongoing work is fascinating and could be combined with visits to other interesting fossil beds and archeological sites.

Kenya’s coast provides a lovely way to decompress after a safari. Not only does it afford you the obvious pleasures of the wonderful Indian Ocean, coastal cuisine and luxurious places to stay, there is the added twist of a fascinating coastal culture.

Horseriding Lewa Downs Samburu

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