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Ninians father, Robert Lowis, climbing Mt. Kenya 1945

with Victor Von Klarwil 1920's

“One of our fears of coming on a second safari was that it would be a let down from our first. From our arrival at Hondo Hondo until our final day at Shaba all worries evaporated as this trip equalled if not surpassed the first one. Scorpio and the Southern Cross, moon rises and sunrises were bookends to power packed days.” Guest comment

"Lara, I marvel at your organization and attention to detail! Our camp surpassed many of the best hotels in which we have been fortunate to stay. The beds were just as comfortable, the showers just as hot and the food delicious and continuous.” Guest comment

“Ninian, your intelligence, intellectual curiosity, wit and sense of humour, the sense of delight you have in all you see and do on safari is contagious. We dearly hope that we have an opportunity to be on safari with you a third magical time.” Guest comment

“Such a wonderful glimpse into a vanishing world. Thank you for so much, your enthusiasm, dedication, and unerring ability to make us all laugh.” Guest comment

“We truly loved camp life. Thank you for the extra touches, your vegan meals were the best.” Guest comment

"Kenya through your eyes has been an extraordinary experience – certainly the most exciting of my life! You have a wonderful way of communicating your vast knowledge, enthusiasm, joy and playfulness...Thank you, thank you for the best trip ever.” Guest comment

"Ninian and Lara, for us you organized an itinerary of dazzling diversity and beauty, and an over-the-top team of guides... patient to a fault with an endless stream of questions and requests.” Guest comment

"The Lowises are always looking ahead at new places to explore and their planning made me envious of their 'one days' – they will go on exploring these terrains that they love until virtually the whole area is like a living room to them." Guest comment

"We were pampered by the crew and awed by the scenery and animals. I'm sure none of us will forget the roar of the lion as we lay in our tents or the wind in our face as we raced across the Mara. It was the adventure of a life time for all of us." Guest comment

"The one thing that really struck us was how brilliant you all were with the children. They were enthralled by the whole experience and it was not just the watching. It was the walking, the smelling, the prodding, the tasting, the poking, the stroking, the throwing, the splashing and sploshing, the climbing, the driving, the fishing, the chasing, the drawing, the collecting. They were allowed to be free and it was such joy to see." Guest comment

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