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September 4 - 19 2011
Botswana and Zambia
Xigera | Mombo | Kings Pool | Islands of Siankaba |
Sausage Tree | Nkawali | Tena Tena

Leopard at Mombo Xigera, Okovango Delta
Lilly Trotter Water Lilly
Zebra Lions o buffalo kill, in water,  Mombo
These lions swam between out two boats, Xigera, Okovango These lion cubs  were not too happy about the swim.
out of the water at last, a typical Okovango Delta  scene.
Lion amongst lillies
Wild dog pack at Mombo
Female Leoprad. Mombo, Cheifs Island
Hippo displaying
King fisher, Malachite
A zebra moment
Hyena pups out side their den
Wild Dog at Kings Pool, Liyanti
Puff Adder, KIngs Pool
Pel's Fishing Owl, Xigera, Okovango Delta
Carmine Beeater
End of the dry season
Okovango Delta from the air
Elephants cooling off
Young baboon deep in thought
babay elehpant nursing
Okovango Delta from the air Meyers parrot
Mombo, Cheifs Island, big male lion The safari gang
Hanging out at Kings Pool Lion eyes
Warthog Kings Pool Mokoro game drive Go Away Bird
Elephant Leopard at Mombo Camp
Civet Cat in South Luangwa, Zambia - Nkwali Camp Waiting for the rain, acacia in bloom
The safari gang

Yellwo billed hornbill

Lower Zambezi, Sausage Tree Camp Lion with hippos on the banks of the Luangwa River


Lunch in the River, Lower Zambezi

Fish Eagle Victoria Falls from the Zmbian side Lechwe
Victoria Falls form teh Zimbabwean side Beeaters

The safari gang

Red dragon fly

Leoprad on kill

The gang

Dusk Peaceful hippo at dawn


Full moon

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  Credit and thanks for the images included here goes to Ninian Lowis

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