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16th November - 9th December 2014
A rainy season safari - stunning landscapes, big spaces, wildflowers and so many elephants!
Giraffe Manor | Private camping Buffalo Springs | Private camping Shaba | Ithumba Camp, Tsavo East|
Private camping Chyulu Hills | Private camping Amboseli

Wild blossom Chyulu Hills, southern Kenya
Gerenuk Buffalo in dust
Giraffe in front of Ollokwe Baby elehpanst coming  home at bedtime Ithumba
Resting Ithumba Playtime in the dam at Ithumba
oryx at Mbirikani
Kilimanjaro early morning
Elephants in Amboseli
Giant baobab, Ithumba, Tsavo
Elephnast cross the Amboslei Lake bed, it was covered in water just a few hours later The view of Kilimnajro from our mess tent in our camp in the Chyulus
Rivers in spate in Shaba Tiva
Amboseli Elephants
Flying into Tsavo
Magado Crater - grren - not a usual state
Giraffe Manor
Amboslei filled with water overnight, we had to move our camp to higher ground
Lightweight camp

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  Credit and thanks for the images included here goes to Ninian Lowis

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