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June 24th - 2nd July 2012
Private mobile camp, Masai Mara | Ngorongoro Crater Lodge | Faru Faru, Singita Grumeti
Lions in the Mara Lovely Mara Light
lion claws Leopard hunting
Watchinga herd of elephants
Topi Buffalo
Elephant Lionwith topi n the background
The view from Faru Faru Impala Herd
Riding at Singita Grumeti Reserve Wildebeest in the Serengeti
Herds seen from the balloon Waling with Zebra
Private balon flight over the Serengeti Mt. Lengai from the air
Hippo pod horse riding, Singita Grumeti Reserve
Hippo in mornig mist, Masai Mara Dew caught on a web
Elephant Lowis & Leakey crew, Masai Mara
Leopad, Masai Mara
Impala in golden light
Zebra charge! Cheetah in the Serengeti
Elephant in front of Faru Faru camp Wildebeest herds
Lilac Breasted roller Girafe and tick birds Verreux Eagle OwlOwl
Ngorongoro Crater Mt. Gelai
Pretty sky
Cheetah Love
breakfast table Tree camp, Ngorongoro Crater Lodge
Roses at Ngorongoro Cratre Lodge Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

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  Credit and thanks for the images included here goes to Ninian Lowis

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