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1st - 12th July 2016
Private camping Mara | Sirikoi Lewa Downs | Tortilis Camp

Lion in the Mara

Elephant and calf Mara

Lioness in morning light

Leopard a dusk, Masai Mara

Eelephant herd in the Mara

White rhinos Mara

Herd of Giraffe Black and white

Mum and calf, Lewa

Cheetahs on lewa Bush buck at Dawn
Sunbird feeding on an aloe flower lioness looking over the plains

Elephants in dust


Blue Pols, Ngare Ndare Hyena with hoof

Grevy Zebra, Lewa

Elephant mum and calf

ck Rhino Lewa


lion charge

Scops Owl, Amboseli

Bull Elephant, Amboseli

Amboseli Watching elephants

The sitting room in the Lowis & Leakey mobile tented camp

Sirikoi Lodge

Kip watching elephants


Cheetahs on Lewa

Watching elephants in the Mara

Henry watching elephants

Snoozing rhinos

Big male lion Leopard descending from a tree Jackal
Nditu joins lunch at Sirikoi
Lows & Leakey mobile camp Watching wildebeest herds from camp
Leopard Masa cows outside the reserve in Amboseli
Mara tree with roosting marabou stork Mara River
Nara River Game drive
Lioness at sunset

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  Credit and thanks for the images included here goes to Ninian Lowis, Henry Henley and Andrew Campbell

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