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July 2 - 13 2012
Sayari Camp | Private mobile Serengeti | Ngorongoro Crater Lodge | Borana Lodge | Rekero Camp
Giraffe at sunset Cheetah eyes
Rhinos at Lewa Downs Leopard scouting for prey
Walking on Borana Conservancy
Horse riding on Borana Buffalo seen form a hot air balloon
Time out Malaika the cheetah likes to use the  roof of our car as a mobile termite mound for scouting the surrounding area
Lilac breasted roller Wildebeest seen from a hot air balloon over the Serengeti
Elephant Martial Eagle eating a  guinea fowl Leopard at the start of a hunt
Hippos sunbathing Feeding hornbills at Sirikoi Lodge
Looking back across the valley at Borana Lodge Wildebeest
Topi in the rain
Mixed herd with Eland
Family group Agama Lizard strutting his stuff
Yellow Neck spur fowl Elephant Zebra
Borana Acacia in flower Room at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge
Family portrait with Malaika the cheetah Giraffe in morning light
Breakfast at Sirikoi
Flying into the Mara Crested Crane
Zebra Kori Bustard
Round the campfire

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  Credit and thanks for the images included here goes to Ninian Lowis

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