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July 15th - 27th 2012
Hogmead | Shaba National Reserve| Lewa Downs | Masai Mara
bufalo and tick bird Grevy Zebra
Cheetah Mama and cub, Mara Lowis & Leakey camp, Shaba
Young Mara leopard Elephant, Shaba
Tick bird
Lion, Mara
Ewaso Nyiro River, Shaba Impala
Cooling off in the heat of the day The gang, Shaba
Shaba Black Rhino , Lewa Cheetah on Lewa
Grevy Zebra Vereux eagle owl White rhino Lewa
Cheetah on Lewa Hornbill
Dikdik watching elephant
Carpet Weavers Lewa Downs Reticulated giraffe
Jamey and Rhino with orphans at the  Sheldrick Trust
The boys taking in the view
Dave taking pictures
Ostrich with egg Cheetah mama and cub fun and games
Mara Lion lions enjoying a little shade
Malaika the cheetah on Ninians car Mixed herds
catching a lift lions Musiara
Vultures on a kill Buffalo
zebra lion Mara
The first wildebeest herds of the season in the Mara Henry Henley
Cheetah hyena and kill
Relaxing in camp, Masai Mara Elephant, Mara
Catching up on the days events around the camp fire Dinner in the mobile camp
A surpsie dance put on by some masai friends
in camp

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  Credit and thanks for the images included here goes to Ninian Lowis, Henry Henley, Dave Simpson, Matt Wiggs, Carolyn Hyatt, Jamey Lowis

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