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December 24 2012 - Janaury 6 2013
Nairobi | Masai Mara | Loisaba | Lewa Downs | Serenegeti | Sasakwa
Gorgeous leopard found close to camp Cheetah in pretty morning light
Lioness We found Notchs boys eating a hippo
Typical Mara scene Young cub
walking at Lewa
walking on Lewa
sunset Watching hippos on the Mara river
Walking in the Mara Sitting room in the mobil camp in the Mara Leopard
Lion on a kill Young lion eating a hippo Lion eating hippo
Flying over Laikipa Playing croquet om the lawn at Sirikoi
Grevy zebra on Lewa Hornbill
Samburu dance Walking with Camels in Laikipa
Guinea fowl
Samburu Dance grevy zebra Samburu Dance
Masai jewelry Showing children digital photos, Mwiba Stuck in the mud!
The view at Ngorongoro Crater prvate camp in the Serengeti
the gang Lewa
Masai village With the Lowis & Leakey team

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  Credit and thanks for the images included here goes to Ninian Lowis, Lara Lowis, Jamey Lowis and Tony Binks

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