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February 13th - March 4th 2014
Giraffe Manor | Mara Private camp | Ol Malo | Sirikoi| Sabyinyo Silverback | Olakira Ndutu | Ngorongoro Crater

ioness and cubs, Mara
Wildflowers Serengeti
Ngorongoro Crater
Croc on the Mara River
Lioness Giraffe and black rhino, Masai Mara
Giraffe Manor, Nairobi Kenya Giraffe Manor, Nairobi
immature malachite kingfisher rhino on Lewa
Serval cat, Mara
Ol Malo Mt Kenya from Lewa
Parc national des Volcans Parc Nationals des Volcans Gorillas in the Viunga mountains
Wildebeest cross Lake Ndutu Lake Ndutu
Acacia trees, Serengeti Grants Gazelle
Ruff Lake Ndutu Zebras in the Serengeti
Ngorongoro Crater Lodge Cheetah and wildebeest
Wildebeest on Lake Ndutu Wildebeest mother and calf on the short grass plains of the serengeti
Mara RIver from the air Lake Ndutu, Serengeti
Lion Elephant at Ol Malo Lioness on kill
Stone partidge Owl at Lewa
Friendly hornill at the Ol Malo Lodge breakfast table Lewa Downs
Lilac breasted roller Saddle Bill stork Mara, Kenya
Ol Malo Lodge, Kenya Cheetah in the Mara
Camp crew and guests Orphan elephant and its keeper, Sheldrick Trust, Nairobii
Giraffe northern Kenya Laikipia

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  Credit and thanks for the images included here goes to Ninian Lowis

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