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February 13th - 27th 2013
Giraffe Manor | Ngorongoro Crater | Ndutu | Sirikoi | Mara Private camp

Leoprad with Kill, Serengeti Moon rise over the Masai Mara
Zebra in pretty light Leoprad in a tree
Young cheetah checking out Ninian in the Mara. Cheetahs ofetn use vehicles as look out posts above the long grass Zebra in front of camp, Tanzania
Lake Ndutu Crowned crains
Wild dog near Ubuntu Serengeti Hyenas muddy and feeding
Waterfall Giraffe Manor Lion in the Mara
Cheetah cub, 1 of the 31 cheetah seen on this safari Bull elephant, Masai Mara Serval cat
Cheetah hunt Leoprad with kill
reflection Watching elephant
Cheetah in pretty light Mama hyena and her pup
Cheetah cub on Lewa Downs Baby elephant, Masai Mara Stunning lioness, Mara
Watching rhino, Lewa Downs
Gloriosa lily, Ngorongoro Crater
Sundown, Lewa Quad bikes and buggies, Borana
Lewa sunset Grevy zebra
lion Ngorongoro Conservation Area New born giraffe
Reticulated Giraffe Cheetah Flamingo
Game drive Ground Hornbill
lions resting Watching a hunting lioness
Lily footprint
Leopard Wildebeest
Curious cheetah Elephant Lewa
Waterbuck Jackal on kill
Secret Ble pools, Ngare Ndare Lewa elephants Hunting leopard
Cheetah cub Sand grouse
Bustard Ostrich
Baboons wildeneest
lioness at dawn Birds roosting
The gang in their kikoys, Mara Sundowners
Camp by night

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  Credit and thanks for the images included here goes to Ninian Lowis and Derek Dames

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