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21st June - 4th July 2015
Giraffe Manor | Private camping Mara| Sarara | Private Camping Shaba | Lewa Wilderness

Crane by moonlight Boys silhouette, Shaba
Blue eyed leopard Shaba Shaba Elepant in the Mara Triangle
Watching elephat at the Sarara  waterhole Sarara Cheetah at the start of a hunt, Mara Triangle
Philip and his reflection, Sarara Wild dog, Lewa Downs
Cheetah in the Mara Leopad in the Mara Triangle near the Lowis & Leakey mobile camp
Watching elepgnat at teh waterhole Private House Sarara Rolling hills of the Mara
Lovely leopard in Shaba Elephnat greeting - mara
Lovely giraffe Looking for game
Zebra on Lewa Lioness love
Watching and waiting Buffalo Springs
Lionesses Leopard Such an instense stare
Black Rhino Masai Mara Rainy sky and beautiful light When the grass was long the lions were froced up trees to look for prey, Masai Mara at teh start of the season
Wild dog pack on Lewa
Topi lookout
Mara River Picnic Breakfast
Wild Gladiolii
Hanging on by a claw
Cheetah hunt that ended with sucess
Amelia on top of the world

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  Credit and thanks for the images included here goes to Ninian Lowis

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