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Shifting Sand Dunes, Serengeti Tanzania
Praying mantis, Ishasha Uganda
Horse riding, Enasoit Ranch, Laikipia, Kenya
"The one thing that really struck us was how brilliant you all were with the children. They were enthralled by the whole experience and it was not just the watching. It was the walking, the smelling, the prodding, the tasting, the poking, the stroking, the throwing, the splashing and sploshing, the climbing, the driving, the fishing, the chasing, the drawing, the collecting. They were allowed to be free and it was such joy to see." Guest comment

A safari is great fun for adventurers of all ages. As one of our guests wrote after her safari, “We and our kids felt like kindred spirits.” We have planned and guided numerous family safaris, many of which have catered to three or more generations, and there is no doubt at all that this is an experience that levels the playing field, whether you are 80 or five! There is nothing quite like being with children when they first glimpse a wild animal - the amazement is so vivid and the joy so pure. Naturally we will plan your safari keeping in mind factors such as the ages and interests of your children, your expectations and what you (and they) hope to experience on your visit to Africa.

Ninian and Lara have brought up their two children Jamey and Amelia in Kenya. Having children of our own we understand that there are certain elements that are essential to making a multi-generation safari a success, and we are more than happy to tailor each day so that the rhythm works for everyone in your group.

We are often asked what the right age is to bring your family on safari. It is a tough question to answer. Many of the family safaris we have led have been with children aged five and over, though we have occasionally had younger children on very successful safaris. The most important thing to remember is that we can cater to your family's needs, and will do whatever we can to make your safari unforgettable.

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